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Welcome to a new era! Starting today you will be able to refer your friends and collect amazing rewards.


How does it work?

Visit the new buddy pass page and get your very own URL. Make sure to share that URL with your friends or family so you can both enjoy the rewards.

Once they have clicked on it and registered there are two final steps to follow in order to enjoy the rewards. They will have to send a proof of ID and a proof of address and play 5 tournaments. Once they completed the requirements you will get your reward.



For those that refer new people

ResetsOnce you have unlocked the first step you will be granted a new feature, the Reset, that will remain yours to use forever. Resets will allow you to reset the result of a tournament if you feel like the odds were against you. Make sure to use it wisely since there is a cooldown for that. The timer of the cooldown starts after you have used the reset feature.

In the upper tier when you will get an additional reset remember that each reset has its own cooldown.

Example: You have a tier 3 reward with 2 resets and 7 days cooldown. If you use the first reset on Monday, you will have another one next Monday and if you use the second one on Thursday you will be able to use it again next Thursday. So, a reset every 3-4 days. Or maybe you want to use them at the same time? It is up to you really.

X% more cashYet another perk that stays with you forever but with a bigger cooldown. If you have unlocked this feature your next prize will get with x% more and you will have to wait another month before you can enjoy it again. The timer for the cooldown starts after the bonus has been added and even if you do not win for another couple of months you will still have it. If you win while the feature is on cooldown you will not benefit from it.

Newbie Ticket A special ticket for a new special tournament dedicated to those who joined the website as well as their friends that referred them. Both of you will have the chance to compete for the prize.


For those that register with the referral link

After registration new players will receive a welcome package of lootboxes so they can familiarize with our system. For those that will get past verification and play 5 tournaments will enjoy a brand-new Newbie Ticket. And make sure to start referring as well so you can start enjoying the other cool features we have!


Stats breakdown

Number of Unique Clicks – How many people clicked your referral link

Number of Registrations – How many players created an account using your link

Number of Friends Verified – How many players that created and account with your link got past verification

Number of Newbie Tickets – How many Newbie Tickets did you get

Extra Cash Earned – How much Extra Cash you have earned with the new feature

Number of resets – How many times have you used the reset feature


We also offer some media assets if you would like to share them on a forum or social media and get more people to use your link. The more the merrier!