Присоединяйтесь к прогрессивному турниру со своими монетами
Монеты из вашего баланса будут использованы, чтобы присоединиться к этому турниру.
Вы можете сбросить текущий счет и попробовать еще раз.
После этого ваш текущий прогресс в этом турнире будет потерян, и вы начнете заново.
Required coins
Ваш баланс
Использовать монеты и войти
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Login Reward Program

How nice would it be to get a reward for just logging in every day? Well, with our Login Reward program, that is EXACTLY, what you get! All you need to do is visit, and log in to the Social Tournaments website every day to receive your reward. Logging in the first day will start your reward spree! Logging in the second day gives you a two-day log in streak and a reward accordingly. For each day you increase the log in streak and the rewards will get bigger and better. If you miss logging in one day the streak resets. There is a max streak of seven days!


Daily Login rewards social tournaments


The rewards change every day and the further into the streak you get, the better the rewards! Be sure to login every day in order not take full advantage of the reward program!


Social Tournament Login Reward Day 4


The daily rewards can be everything from Coins to Lootboxes and Tickets to various tournaments, or other cool surprises. The Login Program is a way to keep you as a player and member engaged in the community and we hope that this reward system will bring you joy and more fun when logging in every day.


Questions? Head over to our FAQ. Got suggestions or Feedback? Send an email to support[at]socialtournaments.com or write to us on Discord.