Присоединяйтесь к прогрессивному турниру со своими монетами
Монеты из вашего баланса будут использованы, чтобы присоединиться к этому турниру.
Вы можете сбросить текущий счет и попробовать еще раз.
После этого ваш текущий прогресс в этом турнире будет потерян, и вы начнете заново.
Required coins
Ваш баланс
Использовать монеты и войти
Сбросить и попробовать еще раз

Guide to Linking your Discord account with your Social Tournaments account

First time linking your account?

1. Go to your Account
2. Click the Discord logo under «Connect your account to one or more social networks”.

Discord Linking Guide - Social Tournaments

3. Authorize using your Discord account
4. It should now show a green confirmation check next to the Discord logo and you will be able to claim the one-time-mission on Social Pass.

Remember to login and authorize with the same Discord account you used to join the Discord server with.

Already linked before?

If you see a green checkmark next to the Discord logo at the bottom of your Account page, that means you have already linked your Discord account with Social Tournaments.

How do I re-link them to complete the one-time-mission?

  1. Logout from Social Tournaments
  2. Go to the Login Page
  3. Click Discord logo under «Want to login with your socials instead?»

Discord Linking Guide - Free Online Tournaments

  1. It will ask you to login with your Discord credentials. After that, you should be logged in to your Social Tournaments account and the one-time-mission should be completed and available to Claim.


If none of these ways work for you, we kindly ask you to contact support[at]socialtournaments.com for further assistance.