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Social Tournaments Store

The Social Tournaments Store is a webshop within the site where you can spend your earned coins to buy different items to enhance your Tournaments game, your overall experience or official Social Tournaments Merchandise to look dashing when out and about. When you come into the store you will see your balance on the right hand side. This is the amount of Coins you got at your disposal to spend in the Store.

Social Tournaments Store Balance

Currency for buying items

The currency used in the Store is simply called, “Coins”, which you earn from completing Tournament Missions and or through the 7-Day Login Program. There are ways to increase your Coin balance. You can buy the Prize Wheels where you can win up to a crazy total of 30,000 Coins. Read more about the Prize Wheels in the Prize Wheel Guide.

What can you purchase in the store?

In the Social Tournaments Store, you can buy various things like Lootboxes, Tournament Tickets, Prize Wheels and Merch! It will continuously be updated with new, fresh items as we keep developing the store for you to enjoy.

Social Tournaments Store Categories

Lootboxes – Contains Avatars, Emojis, Tournament Tickets and Cash Prizes! There are Lootboxes of all sorts and variety, both Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Buy one or several of your own choice, crack it open and find out what you get!

Tickets – You can buy Golden Tickets for the Season’s Monthly Tournaments to have more tries or a ticket to have another go in one of the Daily tournaments. You can even buy your way into the sponsored weekly tournament!

Prize Wheels – In the store, you can procure one of our latest additions, the amazing Prize Wheel. There are three different prize wheels you can get for coins and they have different level of rewards depending on if you by the Rare, the Epic or the Legendary wheel. Try it out!

Merch – Here you will (in the near future) be able to treat yourself to some official Social Tournament merchandise. This is also bought for Coins which essentially means that it’s as free as our tournaments! How about a nice T-shirt, Cap or Hoodie?

Please note: All goods in the Social Tournaments store are subject to customs duties, which will be calculated according to the value of the goods purchased. Please check with your local customs agency to determine rates.

Questions? Head over to our FAQ. Miss an item in the store? Send an email to support[at] or write to us on Discord to suggest items or other additions to the Social Tournaments Store.