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Prize Wheels – Rare, Epic and Legendary!

The Prize Wheels is a nice way to increase your stack of Coins to buy things from the Social Tournaments Store like more Wheels to spin! The Prize Wheels are obtainable through the daily Login reward system, or they can be bought for Coins in the Store which you have earned through Tournament Missions or from login rewards.

There are in total three different rarities of the wheel and the better the rarity, the better the rewards. These Prize Wheels can reward, depending on its rarity, Coins, Monthly Tournament Tickets, Weekly Tournament Tickets, Lootboxes or even Free Cash Prizes.

The Rare and Epic Prize Wheel has two slices that upgrade the wheel. If you land the upgrade on the Rare wheel you get rewarded with the Epic Wheel which has upgraded prizes. On the Epic Wheel, you can upgrade to the Legendary Wheel which has even greater prizes than the other two, and also the possibility to win the Cash Prizes.

Social Tournaments Prize wheels

Three different Prize Wheels

Rare Prize Wheel – To spin the Rare Wheel, you buy it for 1500 Coins. You can win up to 7500 Coins, Golden Tickets for the monthly tournaments, Lootboxes to open, or you can get lucky and upgrade to the Epic Wheel!

Epic Prize Wheel – Unless you have won this as an upgrade from the Rare Prize Wheel it costs 3000 Coins to spin. On this Epic Wheel you can win up to 15000 Coins, Golden Tickets for the monthly tournaments or an upgrade to the Legendary Prize Wheel.

Legendary Prize Wheel – This is the Prize Wheel which can make you rich in Coins! Get to this wheel by getting upgraded from the Epic Wheel, or buy it directly for 6000 Coins. You can win up to an amazing 30000 Coins, Golden tickets for the monthly tournaments to win free cash prizes. There is also a chance to win tickets to the sponsored Weekly Tournament that is running every Sunday. The Legendary Wheel also contains free cash prizes if you are lucky!

Social Tournaments Legendary Prize Wheel


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